Iraqi Rasha Sherlock celebrates Durham Refugee Day with music, food, games and community education at Durham Central Park Saturday. Bernard Thomas The Herald-Sun

Durham Refugee Day is a day to celebrate and welcome refugees and immigrants in our community.  This year, Durham Refugee Day is taking place on Saturday, July 2nd, from 2-5pm at Durham Central Park.  There will be live performers and speakers, community resources, food vendors, activities, and more.

Durham Refugee Day first started in 2017 when the City Council declared in a resolution that Durham is open and welcoming to immigrants and refugees and “that Durham’s immigrant and refugee communities are integral to the life our city.” This resolution marked May 6, 2017 “Durham Refugee Day” in Durham. Since then, Durham has hosted Durham Refugee Day every year to celebrate the contributions of refugees and immigrants to our community.

Durham Refugee Day is organized by the City of Durham and the two non-profit organizations resettling refugees in Durham, CWS Durham and World Relief Durham.

Learn more about the refugees living in Durham through these videos!